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Hey, I'm still alive!

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Haileystraza, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Haileystraza

    Haileystraza New Member

    I've still been checking this place here and then since the original beta for updates, and I wondered what the current status of the game is c= It sure has been a while after all, so I hope development and you guy's personal stuff is all going ok!

    I actually got a job as a professional QA tester in that time as well =p it's super cool to actually be in the games industry now.
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  2. Zemsai

    Zemsai Oracle Staff Member

    Hi Hailey!

    It's great to hear you have a job as a professional QA tester now! I bet it's pretty demanding!

    Here's a basic recap of events since the Kickstarter didn't succeed:
    1. Part of the team left, but the core team members are still in place. Project development has been progressing very slowly as a result. Our major (and current) focus is on refactoring the code to be more robust since we felt the project had reached a point where it started to look really messy internally.
    2. We've replaced confusing cards like Fountain Overflow with a more intuitive alternative. Some new players thought destroying the fountain from Fountain Overflow would remove the water, only to learn the hard way. We've replaced Fountain Overflow with a spell card called Precipitate that basically creates a Wet area without also creating a construct.
    3. The server team has added ranked play on the server, which means we now have deckbuilding, matchmaking, and both unranked/ranked play. However, we may not have the community size to support two play modes. Duelyst had this problem and eventually just abandoned unranked play. We may have to do the same.
    4. The addition of ranked play brought to light a number of potential network issues. As part of our code refactor we're going to modify the networking architecture. This is the main reason we didn't hit our March 2017 alpha target. We're now looking at December 2017 in order to get more features in place, including a third color (green).
    5. We've redone our user profile system, so now players can log in without the username having to match case sensitivity. For example, if you register as HaileyStraza you can login as haileystraza in the launcher without getting an error.
    6. The UI is undergoing a complete redesign. Right now it is still in the conceptual stages. I might share some updates in this forum later.
    Let me know if you have any questions about anything!
  3. Lucas

    Lucas New Member

    We are also developing a TCG board game for a year now. I am the one and only one programmer in the team. Recently, I find this game that has similar idea with us. Coincidentally, I am in a similar situation to your team (some members left, UI redesign and refactoring). I think your current UI style is clean and simple enough so I wonder if you are going the change the style or layout or both.
    Maybe we could exchange some development experience by email.
  4. Zemsai

    Zemsai Oracle Staff Member

    Hi Lucas,

    We share a lot of commonalities with other CCGs on the market (or soon to be on the market). We think that's a great thing, because competition only makes us better and pushes the genre forward :)

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me directly or send a contact form on our website.

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