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The game not able to login me

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Anderlaxe, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Anderlaxe

    Anderlaxe New Member

    Hey !

    Thanks for Zems, i'm hyped by your creation and i want to test it NOW. :)

    But unfortunaly i cant login correctly in the game. A lil line in the top left screen say me my password is incorrect or i'm very SURE it's the good password with the good case. I have tested with another account, same problem, the game dont want to login me. It's very frustrating, i simply cant play... i have tested with Anderlaxe and Unikomonde with the same password... Doesnt work...

  2. Anderlaxe

    Anderlaxe New Member

    I have retry a registration with Anderlaxe / password association and saiyyou@gmail.com. The website say me thanks for the registration... Wtf ? How it's possible ? The game still in development or he's abandonned ?
  3. Zemsai

    Zemsai Oracle Staff Member

    The game is still in development. We recently refactored the user database so user login is no longer case-sensitive. We also added a field so display names can be different than user login.

    However, this isn't implemented in the launcher yet, so the game login is currently unavailable. We'll send an email when the next alpha is available. Sorry for making you wait :(
  4. Anderlaxe

    Anderlaxe New Member

    I'm waiting :) no problem and thx, and sorry for my bad english. French CCG gamer fan here :p

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